One More Bite


register for our 2019 festival


One More Bite is returning to Brooklyn on Sunday, April 14, 2019, from 11:30am-4pm at The Green Building for its 3rd annual festival. Here is an overview of the event. This year, we will be adding “grown-up” programming to the end of the event, such as a cookbook swap and signing and a happy hour. Because we’re holding it in the spring this year instead of the fall, we will also be focused more on gardening and urban agriculture as well.

To register, you may do so through this link. Note: We ask a lot of questions, in order to promote your participation in advance of the festival!

Following is the pricing schedule:

Early bird registration + payment, due by March 1, 2019:

4' x 30" table: $315
6' x 30" table: $500
8' x 30" table: $630

Registration + payment, due by March 31, 2019 (additional $50 each):

4' x 30" table: $365
6' x 30" table: $550
8' x 30" table: $680

Prep table + white linen: $100
Electricity at table: $50
Tote inclusion without a table: $100
(includes a link on

All tables include:
• Linen
• 2 chairs
• Clickable vendor logo on
• Promotion of the event on Brooklyn Based's social and email
• Logo in the One More Bite passbook

6' and 8' tables also include:
• Business listing on Brooklyn Based site and in one editorial email (100K+ reach)
• Social share on Brooklyn Based Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Story (80K+ reach)